Coaching the unconscious mind is advanced neuro-science approach and is form of Life Coaching which coincides with advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming and advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

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I have been living with psychosis for 20 years and after only 10 sessions with Javaid I am off all medication and getting better all the time.

Suffering from OCD most of my life eventually some peace and improving everyday after one month of multiple sessions.

Many thanks
Anxiety and depression was part of my life but not anymore and just want to tell others you don't have to live with it
find help like did.

Thanks for making me realise that there is only one of me and I might as well like myself.

Great Hynosis skills

investment Banker from London
I think I was looking for reasons to be angry my whole life and became known as an angry man and before my 70th birthay I saw Javaid for hypnotherapy and I do not remember even been hypnotised but he says I was and today when people complement me for being calm and understanding which makes me think of Javaid and I say thank you in my heart so many time in a day.

C Gill from Essex
Today I feel so confident at work and every where and my self esteem is great and credit goes to you Javaid 

Best Hypnotherapist

City worker from London
I stuttered for 40 years and became a loner because of embarresment biggest thanks to Javaid and his passion for wanting me to work through my problem and today I can speak fluentley and with pride that I can speak.
Javaid the best Hypnotherapist ever in the universe.

Ahmed from Crawley
When I first heard about NLP and hypnotherapy, in all honesty I thought it was not even real, something of magic conjuring or essentially magic tricks instead. Although once actually taking into the success people have had with it I looked into it further. After just a few session with Javaid Sarwar I began to feel a sense of hope and strength.  My pain also started to ease as my mind and body slowly began to heal. Through NLP and Hypnosis I was able to discover some subconscious issues from the past, and this is when I began to truly realize the power of the mind. After few sessions with Javaid I have been given the true gift of self-discovery and the wealth of my untapped and unknown personal power.
Helen East London 
I suffered from anxiety my whole life and whole heartedly like to thank Javaid for his unique approatch to hypnotherapy ,I had life time long anxiety and gone in 3 sessions now I am able to enjoy my life fully.

Jab from London 
I came to Hyonosis curious to see how it could help me overcome my driving phobia. Working with Javaid was a real pleasure. He made me feel at ease and always explained what he was doing. During the hypnosis sessions, I was always aware of his presence and heard his guidance. This made me trust him and the process even more. The more I trusted, the more relaxed and safe I felt, and the quicker I was able to resolve my issue. I highly recommend hypnosis—with Javaid for these reasons.

Joe Mitcham
​Having being worried about many tedious things in life, from the shoes that I wear to the way I may walk around the local shopping centre, i've always been anxious, self-surveiling these issues of which i guess a lot of people go through, however, i believe mine was a lot worse! So, having looked around and ways in which to overcome these so called "issues", Javaid had the answer; Javaid had suggested many techniques in which to reduce, and even remove the majority of anxiety ridden thoughts i had, he had taught me to believe in myself in many ways and given daily techniques which i practise daily! i would definitely recommend his services. 
G.Blackmore, London
Smoking, something of which was my partner you could say, had started when I was 14, and now 36,  and after a long haul of medical traumas I had to make it stop!. Having tried many things on the market at Boots and Superdrug, even medicines from online retailers - nothing worked! So, ​I saw Javaid to quit smoking, and I haven't had a cigarette since—all because he dealt with all the deepest reasons why I was smoking. He not only had me open up a dialogue with the part of me that enjoys smoking and integrated it with the rest of me, but he thoroughly addressed the stresses in my life that were driving me to smoke. Not only have I quit smoking, but I feel much less stressed! I feel way better than I have in years—like a huge weight I didn't know was there has been lifted off my chest.  

Thanks, Am
All I can say is getting Hypnosis for my anxiety caused by IBS has completely changed my life. After suffering for almost 5 years, I’m finally able to leave my house with confidence and I’m able to control my anxiety while travelling on public transit. After 2 sessions I won’t say I feel like a new person because what I actually feel like is the person I used to be before IBS took over my life.

Tina Surrey
Wow! Thank you Javaid! I'm no longer awakening in the morning with a feeling of dread. For the first time in my life I'm consistently waking up and actually looking forward to my day. What a fantastic gift you've given me. I'm experiencing so much more happiness and joy from just one session with you. You're REALLY good! I'm so grateful that our paths crossed. I will be definitely be telling family and friends about your work!!!
Thanks P S
I found Javaid Sarwar to be excellent, very friendly and caring along with an incredibly positive attitude which always put me at ease. During my next few sessions, I felt happier and more relaxed each time and left each session feeling as though I had been with a friend for an hour. I shared my worries with Javaid and I have been using the techniques that he taught me in my daily life to great effect, and I feel I can now look at life in a different way. 
I would highly recommend giving NLP and Hypnosis a go, it makes you feel very calm, and feel that you can handle anything that has previously worried you. 
Thank you
Jez Richmond
Even though Javaid is slightly over weight himself but he has helped me to lose weight, 3 stones in total to which I was stuck with for so many years  and now I am my ideal weight , special thanks to his unterstanding of the mind and hypnotherapy skills.

Albert from London City
Although my initial reason for visiting was specific to sports performance, I ended up with a longer list of issues that I decided to address. I've got one more appointment remaining in my five sessions, and have been very pleased to see the progress that I've made so far. Working with Javaid has been a transformative process for me. The opportunity to quiet the conscious mind and access the root of my actions, beliefs and behaviours has shifted my perspective, and opened up new possibilities in my life.And, to be honest, its extremely good value for money, never did i think it would work, but i guess if you're just one of those people who doesn't believe. give it a try, and i'm sure you'll be happy with the results you get, alos, what is more appealing is the fact that you can go to him with any issues, doesn't have to be sports related, anything really, as tedious as it may be. it's always something to "cure" and i'm sure Javaid can assist wonderfully in his quest to better people's lives overall.

Thanks. F, Mushtaq

Javaid, I want to let you know I am 13 lbs down! I am happy with my relationship with food now and am confident that I will continue to go down. Initially, I lost 4 lbs quickly when I stopped gorging myself at night! Then I had to get organized with my food. Now I am under control. I can choose what I want to eat and not. Before these sessions I felt like food was controlling me. Now I feel free! Previously when I was stressed, I would feel the need to eat. Now I feel like sleeping or relaxing in some way. It's so different. I will update you when I get 25 lbs down. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I am such a quick fix girl! Thanks for everything and I plan to see you in the winter when i get more time off work, plus i will be asking my mother to join me as she has some issues regarding her marriage (God help her - well not really - we have you!!!) see you soon Javaid.
​I just wanted to drop a line of thanks for the session. It was great of you to outline the session expectations before we got started. I must admit that the session was not what I expected, but I left feeling great. My anxiety with elevators, bridges, and yes, airplanes! has completely disappeared. It was impressive to undergo the realization of where the anxiety stemmed from, but at the same time, I will say that the session has definitely affected other issues in my life that may have came from the same problem (ie, mistrust of some people/situations). Many thanks again - you have made a difference - in only one session!! 
Thanks J B