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Coaching the unconscious mind is advanced neuro-science approach and is form of Life Coaching which coincides with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy

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​what is Anxiety
Anxiety is a fear of an outcome which could be related to past events that has not been dealt with so a way forward in therapy would be to deal with the past events.

What is Addictions
Addictions are over use of a substance like smoking, Alcohal, Drugs to the extent where a person is self harming and usually the person is trying to suppress a part of their life by distraction of addictions.

What is Anger mangement
Anger is an emotion and is very useful in the right context but when some one begins to use anger to solve every problem or use anger to hide away from others so they would not have to deal with what ever is bothering them. A person could be ashmed to embarrased about some past event or situation in their life.

What is Alcohal Abuse
Alcohal abuse is drinking to the extent where a person is self harming with the drinking quanity of alcohal and usually suppressing some past events.

What is Blushing
Blushing is when a person Blushes in the face either by thinking about something or being in uncomfortable conversation or situation,usually low self esteem.

What is Bruxism
Bruxism is Teeth grinding while asleep or anytime and is related to some suppressed memory or emotion.

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is lack of energy due to nervious disposition, a person burns too much nervous energyaching  hence always feels drained and causes are thinking too much of the same thing and not reaching a decision.

What is Dpression
Depression begins with minor stress related situation if not dealt with properly and over time could turn into depression when a person thinks there are no way out.

What is Drug Abuse
Drug abuse is when a person uses drugs to extent of self harming and usually is suppressing some past event.at

What is Eating disorder
Eating disorder is when someone either eats too much to the extent they are sick or they do not eat enough hence hence self harming usually related to suppressing some past memory or emotions.

What are Fears
Fears are when someone believes they are in danger of some sort and they might not be able to control it usually related to low self esteem.

What is Exam Stress
Exam stress is anxiety about the up coming event usually related to low sef esteem.

What is Fear of flying
Fear of fly is when a person believes that something will go worng if the the boarded the plane usually related to distorded perception. 

What is Food Addiction
Food Addiction is eating more than a person needs related to low self esteem.

What is Gambling Addiction
Gambling addiction is related low self esteem.

What is Gastric band Hypnotherapy
Gastric band Hypnotherapy where a person believes that they have had a gastric bend put in their stomch through hypnosis.

What is Insomnia
Insomnia is when a person finds hard to a sleep regular pattern usually due to some unresolved past events.

What is Irritable bowel syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome is usually related to stress and anxiety.

What is Low self-Confidence
Low self confidence is when a person believes that they can not achieve something enen though they are more than qualified to do so and ususlly linked with low self esteem.

What is low self-esteem
Low self esteem is when a person believes that they do not deserving good luck or good things happening to them due to some limiting belief.

What is Obsessions and Compulsions
Obessions and Compulsions are repetitive thoughts and behaviours known as OCD ,usually due to low self esteem or confidence.

What is Pain management
Pain managament is a techinque taught to the patient under hypnosis to mange their pain.

What is Panic Attack
Panic attack is when a person focus too much on the bodily sensation of some uncomfortable event and that the sensation is not going to stop usually related to low sef esteem.

What are Phobias
Phobia is when a person is extremley fearul of some object or a thing and believes that he is going to get hurt and won't be able to stop it.

What is Past-traumatic stress disorder
Post-traumatic disorder is suppressed memory or emotion causing stress from day to day situations.

What is Public apeaking anxiety
Public speaking anxiety is when a person feel inadequate in front of others while speaking due to low self esteem.

What is Quit smoking
Quit smoking is when someone want to stop smoking but they find very hard to stop due to some association.

What are Relationship issues
Relationship issue is when some finds hard to get on with others in relations or outside or make friends due to lack of trust in one self.

What is Relaxation
Relaxation is have a peaceful state of mind and body.

Sex Addiction
Sex addiction is have too much sex usually to avoid some responsibity.

What are sexual issues
Sexual issues are anything to do with sexual performance uaually related with fears and anxiety.

What are Sleep disorders
Sleep disorder is disturbed sleep in some way usually related to stress and anxiety, fears.

What is stress
Stress is feeling of nervouses due to fears.

What is Stuttering
Stuttering is speech impediment due to low self esteem and low self confidence.

What is Tinnitus
Tinnitus is ringing in the ears usually due to nerviousness.

What is weight Loss
Weight loss is when a individual want to lose weight but they find it hard due to some belief.

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